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Cookies and Security

You may have noticed that the CoinAuction website is always able to keep track of you once you've logged in. For security reasons, this is done with cookies, small pieces of data that are usually stored as files in your system, but that in this case are stored within your application's memory.

If you are not able to log into the website and use our features such as Bidding, Relisting Items for Free, Watch and Bid Items etc. This will happen because the cookie settings in your browser are too restrictive.

To change your settings on Internet Explorer version 6.0, choose Internet Options from the "Tools" menu. From there click on the "Privacy" tab.

You will see a dial that will allow you to set your cookie privacy settings for all sites. For the most part will work if your settings are set to Medium.

If this doesn't work, or if you wish to have more stringent settings and still be able to fully use the website, click "Edit" . In the form box enter the name of the website you wish to allow content from, such as "". DO NOT use the www Once you've entered the name of the website, click on "Allow".

The procedure for most other browsers is very similar except that it may be called Security rather than Privacy as in the case of AOL and older Internet Explorer browsers. Some ISP's are very restrictive when it comes to cookies such as Compuserve. In cases where you have tried to ease your browser cookie restrictions and cannot we recommend trying a different browser. You would still connect using your normal ISP just use a different browser to explore the Internet. To download the newest version of Internet Explorer please click here. If you have any further problems please use the Help Support Form.

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