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Auction FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: How much does it cost to add a coin to the Auction Database?
  • Listing your Item in our Auction database is FREE!!

    FREE Auction Listings - Create An Account


    Q: How much does it cost to RELIST a coin and/or currency to the Auction Database if it does not sell?
    • There is NO CHARGE to relist items that do not sell. In fact you can relist an item as many times as you want until the item sells. You are only charged a Buck ($1) when an Item Sells.


    Q: Do I get pictures included with each auction?
    • YES Coin Auction allows 2 pictures of your coin/currency for each auction that we host on our server. After you submit Step 1 of the Item Listing process, you are then asked to upload your obverse picture in Step 2 of the Listing process. Your obverse picture also doubles as your Gallery Picture and the following specifications apply:
      Maximum File Size: 200K
      Maximum Pixel Size: 400 x 400

      Once Step 2 is completed you are then asked to upload your Reverse picture in Step 3. This entire process is completed in less than a minute depending on if you know where you saved your pictures on your computer and how large they are.

      We recommend trying to keep your pictures in the 50K to 100K range but you can use the maximum file allowance if you wish. You can also add more pictures to your auction listing by using HTML Code in your item description and then linking this code to your additional pictures hosted somewhere else on the web.


    Q: Can I use HTML Code in my Item Descriptions?
    • YES Coin Auction does allow HTML Code to be used in Item Descriptions. From links to additional images you may use HTML Code in each auctions Item Description to expand your options.


    Q: What is a Proxy Bid and does Coin Auction accept them?
    • A proxy bid is when a user bids above the current bid in essence bidding the maximum amount he/she will pay for the particular item. For example say on a given auction the bid is $25 and you place a proxy bid of $50. The new current bid would be $27 in this case. As users bid higher you would still be the current hi-bidder until someone outbids your $50 auction bid. If the bidding never reaches your maximum bid of $50 you will win the auction. And YES Coin Auction does accept Proxy Bidding.


    Q: What is the Bid Increment?
    • CoinAuction uses a Bid Increment of $2. At any bid the next bid will be a minimum of $2 more than the last bid. If you use Proxy Bidding as explained above no matter how much you bid the bid will only raise $2 until someone else submits a bid.


    Q: Can I pay for my Auction Bid with PayPal?
    • YES Coin Auction is programmed to Allow PayPal Payments for sellers who accept PayPal. When you list an item you have the choice right now to accept PayPal, Checks or Money Orders. We plan on adding other types of payments in the near future. You have a choice of paying with PayPal as an Auction Winner or by using the BUY IT NOW function if the seller selects this option when listing an item. When you see the PayPal Button below click on it to Pay for the Auction you won:


    Q: What is a Verified User?
    • A Verified User has completed the Verification Process located in the MyCoinAuction Manager. Either the user's PayPal account and/or a Credit Card has been successfully charged a $2.50 verification fee by
      This means that this user's name, addresss and email address are legitimate as verified by PayPal and/or the AVS (Address Verification System) system used by the major credit card businesses.

      Verified Users are denoted by the following graphic on their Auction Item Page VERIFIED SELLER

      Of course this does not guarantee you will not encounter problems with some people that is what feedback is for and of course bringing them to our attention. But it does mean we have verified their email and address as denoted above.

      To Become a Verified Seller click on the Verify Account link in your MyCoinAuction Manager and follow the instructions.


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