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The mission of the web site is to provide a positive environment for coin collectors and enthusiasts a place to buy, sell and trade coins or paper money. A secondary objective is to provide this service in an affordable manner without sacrificing quality or service. Mainstream auction houses can charge up to 20% for this service. Lately the popular online auction Internet sites have raised their prices to a level that is unacceptable.

In response to this is being developed to provide a low cost alternative. With no insertion or relisting fees and Just a Buck ($1)sm (if applicable as Items that Sell Under $10 are FREE) is charged if your Item sells, we think this objective will be easily accomplished.

Buyer's will benefit as well from low selling fees. If coin dealer's are charged a lower cost to sell their items they will be willing to take a lower price for their items listed. Therefore both buyers and sellers should be able to benefit from using the auction program.

So tell your friends and spread the word about Over the next couple of months we plan to add many new services (Including Blogs, Forums, PMS System, Social Interaction (FaceBook, Twitter, Google Connect and Windows Live) that will help connect buyers and sellers.


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