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2004 Doubled Die Peace Nickel A Rarity ....


First discovered in early 2004 the doubled die Peace Nickel continues to be a rare find in any grade. Most of these coins were placed into circulation before the error was discovered. Some of these coins have been certified and graded by several leading independent grading companies including NGC. Of course prices for these rare Peace P nickels have been on the rise, as this is the first true doubled die coin in many years.

The doubling effect is visible on the DATE, MINT MARK and MOTTO of the 2004 Peace Nickel. Less than 2,000 of the 2004-P doubled-die nickels have been recovered from the banking system. NGC has so far graded only 1,418 instances of this error coin.

On-line auctions at present are the only way to determine market value for this error coin as it has not yet been listed in the PCGS Online Price Guide or the most recent issue of Coins (June 2005). An MS64 graded by NGC recently sold on EBAY for $349. A recent COIN WORLD ad offered an NGC MS63 certified coin for $295.00 and an MS62 at $249.00! This would seem to be a good investment for the error collector as well as long-term coin investors.

2004-P Doubled Die Peace Nickel
2004-P Double Die Peace Nickel


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